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Graham Wood

Rituals - A Graham Wood Digital Print

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A1 or A2 digital print on 240gsm watercolour paper.

Entering spaces and times – initiation,
crossing over
Stone circles
Sand mandala
Movement/shaman; altered state,
ecstasy – entering
Numbers – sacred geometry
Vitruvian man. Fibonacci. Octaves. Harmonics.
gestures and tools,
drawing in air.
with fire,
on earth.
Seven elements.
Musical notation,
working to music,
drawing music as it is heard
Grids – bauhaus/swiss
Sigils – Austin Osman Spare:
language method/as form
Iconotropy –
Robert Graves & The White Goddess
Use of computers as modern ritual
Time & space boundaries;
marking out areas;
timing and budget = ritual
Setting/preparing state of mind
in order to enter
the memory to disturb
things into being
A breeze stirs dust motes awake,
glittering in the moonlight